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our New multiple pole Studio 

Join Our Sexy Circus!

Hollywood stars and dance professionals have brought us a sexy way of expressing ourselves, increase our self confidence, and a fun way to get in shape. For the longest time society has disapproved but now it is ok for women to be sexy without feeling naughty. The art of Exotic Pole Dancing is where weight-training, dancing/cardio, and gymnastics all meet, creating a way to get all of your exercise needs at one time.

Why Choose Us?

Fitness Degree and an AAS Degree from Pierce College, PPF Cert (pole position fitness' cert educational info comes from the American College of Sports Medicine), 20 years as an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, 11 years of classical dance training, 10 years of teaching the sport of Pole Dance, , prices based on your budget and a great location...

You Get: a Fun and Sexy new you!

  1. safety first - it has always been stressed to me by my educators how to make sure my students always use proper technique to avoid injury.
  2. full knowledge of the art of  Pole Dance; from the basics to the current Olympic Sport it has become; as seen in contests such as USPDF and the Cirque du Soleil show, "Zumanity."
  3. a teacher focussed on teaching YOU and not about competing in contests myself to be the center of attention.
  4. affordable rates allow you to take more classes by stretching your dollar further to give you more time to achieve YOUR goals for taking Pole Dance.
  5. weight loss reinforced with proper nutrition plans and alternative fitness suggestions.
  6. easy access to I-5 and Hwy 512 located right on Pacific Avenue in Tacoma.
  7. a ton of well lit and free parking.
  8. a warm, friendly, and supportive  environment to learn
  9. Fun and self-confidence.
  10. NEVER share a pole like some other studios.
  11. 100% focus on Pole Moves during class, we never waste time on  lunges or crunches like other studios.
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